1. You’ll need to register first, or login
  2. Select
  3. Enter amount, then select ‘Add’
  4. Enter all the mandatory recipients details
  5. Select ‘Place order’
  6. You’ll receive email detailing next steps.
  7. Deposit the correct amount into the bank account with reference number.
  8. View your orders and see the progress of transactions.

Once the funds you’ve deposited into our account has cleared, the amount will be transfered out of our account in Philippines bank within 1 hour. We suggest transfer using same banks i.e. ANZ to ANZ.

Go here, and enter the order number and your email address.

For now its BDO, Metro Bank, and BPI, however will add more banks once we have more customers. Request to add more banks.

  1. Can contact us
  2. Online chat service
  3. Money transferred as soon as the full amount, clears into our account.
  1. Deposit money from same banks e.g. from your ANZ into our ANZ. Funds will show up immediately.
  2. The recipient has BDO, Metrobank or BPI in Philippines